By communicating at all times with your partner, lover or husband/wife you will enhance your relationship and boost your sexual experiences. Learn to discuss your feelings, needs, desires, likes, dislikes, fears, concerns etc at all times regardless of whether you're in or out of the bedroom. By learning to communicate with your partner you are in fact becoming more intimate and thereby improving your sexual performance together and alone. Don't forget to express your love and devotion to each other outside of the bedroom too! Ask each other simple questions about how their day at work went, whether they had any problems and if so, whether they want to talk about them. When you're ready to set the mood, change the type of questions that you ask

1. What turns you on?
2. How do you feel when I do this or this?
3. Do you have any fantasies?

Be sure to be specific, honest, direct and open to your wants and your needs. Describe to your lover how much time you need to get aroused and how much pressure you can tolerate during lovemaking.

Make sure you let them know when they're doing something right or pleasurable and when they're doing something wrong, especially if you are in a new relationship.

Communication is the key to a long and satisfying sexual relationship.