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Empire Labs

Brand: Empire Labs
Make the ulitmate realistic vibrator, moulded on a real penis - YOURS! The kit contains everything that you wouild need to make an ultra-realistic Glow in The Dark copy of your penis and turn it into a fully functioning vibrating dildo. The special edition kit includes - moulding powder, special glo..
Brand: Empire Labs
Now you have the chance to immortalise yourself and create a fully functioning vibrator based on you. You star. This kit contains nearly everything you need, including moulding powder, thermometer and mini vibrator. The only thing it is missing is yours. Carefully follow the instructions and you can..
Brand: Empire Labs
Make an Exact Vibrating Rubber copy of your PENIS!"use Hollywood's latest cutting edge technology to immortalize yourself just like the stars do"Includes everything you need to make an exact rubber copy of yourself in your own home...
Brand: Empire Labs
Clone a Willy kit is a fun way to immortalise his best bits and she'll love this thoughtful keepsake that adds a cheeky twist to her kinky collection. This kit is available in deep tone and makes an exact replica of his penis, which makes it the perfect wedding, anniversary or birthday gift for her...
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